Fish Dishes
_MVP2117 (Medium).jpg
_MVP2051 (Medium).jpg
Grilled trout with baked potatoes
18,00 €
_MVP2085 (Medium).jpg
Fried calamari with tartar sauce and french fries
14,00 €
Fish plate (2 people)
37,00 €
_MVP2053 (Medium).jpg
Sea bass fillet with fresh grilled vegetables
16,00 €
_MVP2094 (Medium).jpg
Grilled calamari filled with prosciutto, cheese and with baked potatoes
15,50 €
_MVP2082 (Medium).jpg

Grilled calamari with garlick sauce and mangold potatoes

14,00 €
_MVP2063 (Medium).jpg

Grilled bream and mangold potatoes

19,00 €
Vegetarian Dishes
_MVP1750 (Medium).jpg
Vegetable pan
Grilleed cheese, Fried mushrooms, Grilled zucchini, Cooked vegetables, Cranberry jam
9,50 €
_MVP1766 (Medium).jpg
Gratinated zucchini stuffed with vegetables
9,50 €
_MVP1772 (Medium).jpg
Layered vegetable casserole
An old Slovenian dish made from layers of vegetables & pancakes
10,50 €
_MVP1753 (Medium).jpg
Buckwheat porridge with leek, porcini-mushrooms and sour cream
9,50 €